Ganado High School Home of the Hornets

Welcome to GHS!

Yá'át'ééh! Ganado High School is the cornerstone of the community in Ganado, Arizona. Located in Apache County, in the northeastern corner of the state, Ganado is a small community with traditional Navajo values. We focus on the whole child, encouraging our students to keep their roots in our culture while broadening their horizons as they look toward the future.

We invite you to learn more about our school and our community. Our administration and teachers are here to work with you as we develop a true partnership in the education of your child. We have a variety of programs available to our students, so they can develop into well-rounded individuals. We will help them be successful in school while getting ready for their future after school. Enjoy your time here and nizhónígo Nee Ado’áál.

A Message From Our Principal

Hello, Ganado Hornet Families!

Welcome to our Home page! Thank you for entrusting Ganado High School (GHS) with your child’s education. The privilege of working with such a talented and dedicated faculty and staff, a tremendous student body, and a supportive network of parents and community members will help push Ganado High towards new heights.

Our teachers, staff, and administration are committed to providing high quality education along with relevant extracurricular opportunities that will meet the needs and interests of all the students here on campus. I challenge each and every student to take full advantage of all that we offer here at GHS so that you can make your high school experience successful, enjoyable, and most importantly, meaningful.

Ganado High School continues to offer a rigorous program of academic offerings to address all the needs of our students. Academic and social supports are also available to assist students in reaching the ultimate goal of graduating with a high school diploma. Our extracurricular program also includes a full sports program as well as after-school clubs and class cohort activities to engage our young Hornets.

Please take the time to review the parent-student handbook located on our Home page.  It contains important information that will help guide you through the expectations we have for our Ganado High students. I also want to remind you that your teachers, counselors, and administrators are available to provide assistance.  

As you work through your years at GHS, I encourage you to set goals and standards that will help you build a foundation to your future success. Together, we will continue to move forward and find new ways to achieve academic greatness, instill and inspire Hornet traditions, and create lasting high school memories. You are instrumental in helping GHS continue its tradition of academic and athletics excellence.

Have a great year!

Lucille Sidney

Mrs. Lucille Sidney
Ganado High School Principal