Ganado High School

Hornet Athletics

An active young adult is a healthy young adult, and we encourage all eligible students to support our school and display their school spirit through our award-winning athletics program. So come on; find a sport that’s right for you!

Our student-athletes must maintain their grades to compete. We verify student eligibility weekly to ensure that the student is meeting the academic requirements set forth in the GUSD athletic handbook and our governing board policy.

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Eligibility Procedures

We abide by the following procedures when determining student eligibility:

  • Teachers must submit eligibility forms on Friday by 10 a.m. 
  • The Athletics Department will post eligibility lists the following Monday.
  • Students must have passing grades in all classes to be eligible.
  • Students must have teacher and athletics director signatures on a waiver form or pass the next grade check to regain eligibility.

Athletics Staff

If you have questions about one of our athletics programs or your child would like to try out for a sport, please contact our athletics director.

Lynette Lookingback
Athletics Director
(928) 755.1558