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School Attendance

Attention, Ganado High School parents and students! We have made changes to how the high school takes daily attendance. Students will each receive an invitation in their HornetLand email to Google Classroom for their class cohort.

  • 12th Grade will receive an invitation to the senior attendance classroom.
  • 11th Grade will receive an invitation to the junior attendance classroom.
  • 10th Grade will receive an invitation to sophomore attendance classroom.
  • 9th Grade will receive an invitation to freshman attendance classroom.

Students must accept the invitation in order to start reporting their attendance to the school. Each day students will log in to Google Classroom and complete the Google form for attendance. The form will be available from 12:01 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. for students to log in and do their attendance. Students will only need to check in one time each day. This one check in will be recorded for all classes for the day. This will be much easier and take less time.

If students have trouble or do not have internet access on any given day, they must call the school at (928) 755-1500 to report their attendance. Have a great second quarter, and continue to study and earn good grades!